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Ihsan Dogramaci Bilkent University

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“The most important things are a person's values and beliefs, and what they care about. Caring is the difference between you and a rock or a chair.”  – John Perry




This is via Josh Dever's The Philosophy Family Tree:


Akman, Varol

Franklin, Wm. Randolph

Lewis, Harry R.

Dreben, Burton

Quine, W. V. O.

Whitehead, Alfred

McTaggart, John

Ward, James

Lotze, Hermann

Weisse, Christian Hermann

Christian Ernst Weisse

Johann Gottlieb Seger




·         Artificial Intelligence, esp. formal contexts

·         Social Aspects of the Internet, esp. Internet as a political space

·         Philosophy of Language, esp. situation theory and situation semantics


(Online papers)




·         PHIL 101 – Introduction to Logic

·         CS 461 – Artificial Intelligence

·         CS 482 – Logic for Computer Science

·         CS 513 – Implications of the Internet

·         CS 661 – Philosophical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence




"I don't even have an email address. I have reached an age where my main purpose is not to receive messages." Umberto Eco