Call for Papers

Current trends in software engineering show that large software projects have to operate with teams that are working in globally distributed locations. The reason behind this globalization of software development stems from clear business goals such as reducing cost of development, solving local IT skills shortage, and supporting outsourcing and offshoring. There is ample reason that these factors will be even stronger in the future, and as such we will face a further globalization of software development. Global Software Engineering is a relatively new paradigm of software development that can be considered as the coordinated activity of software development that is not localized and central but geographically distant. A GSE architecture usually consists of several nodes, or sites, on which different teams are working to develop a part of a system. Despite its envisaged benefits, GSE is not a trivial undertaking and has to cope with different challenges in different domains including software architecture, eliciting and communicating requirements, setting up suitable environments and tools, and orchestration. A close analysis of the literature in GSE shows that little attention has been paid on the software architecting process and software architecture as an artifact in the context of GSE. As a consequence of this situation, the problems related to architecting the large and complex systems required in GSE have not been explicitly addressed.

This workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners for defining and advancing the state-of-the-art and state-of-the practice in architecture design of global software development systems. The topics of the workshop can be listed as follows: