Title: Efficient Fast Hartley Transform Algorithms for Hypercube-Connected Multicomputers
Authors: Cevdet Aykanat and Argun Dervis
Status: Published in IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, vol. 6,  no. 6, pp. 561-577, 1995


Although Fast Hartley Transform (FHT) provides efficient spectral analysis of real discrete signals, the literature that addresses the parallelization of FHT is extremely rare. FHT is a real transformation and does not necessitate any complex arithmetics. On the other hand, FHT algorithm has an irregular computational structure which makes efficient parallelization harder. In this paper, we propose an efficient restructuring for the  sequential FHT algorithm which brings regularity and symmetry to the computational structure of the FHT. Then, we propose an efficient parallel FHT algorithm for medium-to-coarse grain hypercube multicomputers by introducing a dynamic mapping scheme for the restructured FHT. The proposed parallel algorithm achieves perfect load-balance, minimizes both the number and volume of concurrent communications, allows only nearest-neighbor communications and achieves in-place computation and communication. The proposed algorithm is implemented on a 32-node iPSC/2 hypercube multicomputer. High efficiency values are obtained even for small size FHT problems.

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