Title: A Parallel Progressive Radiosity Algorithm Based on Patch Data Circulation
Authors: Cevdet Aykanat, Tolga K. Capin, and B. Ozguc
Status: Published in Computers & Graphics, vol. 20,  no. 2, pp. 307-324, 1996


Current research on radiosity has concentrated on increasing the accuracy and the speed of the solution. Although algorithmic and meshing techniques decrease the execution time, still excessive computational power is required for complex scenes. Hence, parallelism can be exploited for speeding up the method further. This paper aims at providing a thorough examination of  parallelism in the basic progressive refinement radiosity, and investigates its parallelization on distributed--memory parallel  architectures. A synchronous scheme, based on static task assignment, is proposed to achieve better coherence for shooting patch selections. An efficient global circulation scheme is proposed for the parallel light distribution computations, which reduces the total volume of concurrent communication by an asymptotical factor. The proposed parallel algorithm is implemented on an Intel's iPSC/2 hypercube multicomputer. Load balance qualities of the proposed static assignment schemes are evaluated experimentally. The effect of coherence in the parallel light distribution computations on the shooting patch selection sequence is also investigated. Theoretical and experimental evaluation is also presented to verify that the proposed parallelization scheme yields equally good performance on multicomputers implementing the simplest (e.g., ring) as well as the richest (e.g., hypercube) interconnection topologies. This paper also proposes and presents a parallel load re-balancing scheme which enhances our basic parallel radiosity algorithm to be usable in the parallelization of radiosity methods adopting adaptive subdivision and meshing techniques.

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