CS 458
Verification and Validation

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Dr. Bedir Tekinerdogan

CS 458 - Software Verification and Validation


As software has become pervasive in everyday life, there are now increasingly stringent requirements for the quality of software such as reliability, safety and security. In this context, software verification and validation is an important activity in software development for checking that a software system meets the specifications (verification) and that it fulfills its intended purpose (validation). Currently software verification and validation amounts for a large percentage of the total software development costs in the industry and the effective application of appropriate verification and validation techniques has become mission critical. The objective of this course is to provide an in-depth study of software verification and validation with particular focus on software testing.  Important topics include:

  • motivation for software verification and validation
  • challenges in software testing

  • specification-based testing

  • structural testing

  • syntax-based testing

  • model-checking,

  • model-based testing

  • fault-based testing

  • static and dynamic validation techniques

  • run-time verification

  • test documentation

  • management of the testing process,

  • automated testing tools,

  • software quality metrics,

  • software testing in the lifecycle and code inspections


All registered students should have passed the course 'Object-Oriented Software Engineering'