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 +====== Disk-based management of interaction graphs ======
 +In this project, we study the problem of storing //interaction graphs// such that temporal queries on them can be answered efficiently. Live data recording the interactions between people, systems, and the environment is available in various domains, such as telecommunciations and social media. This data often takes the form of a temporally evolving graph, where entities are the vertices and the interactions between them are the edges. An important feature of this graph is that the number of edges it has grows continuously, as new interactions take place. We call such graphs //interaction graphs//. 
 +=====Online disk layout management for interaction graphs=====
 +Interaction graphs are append-only temporal graphs where interactions between entities are continuously added. In this project we look at streaming algorithms to best package edges to disk blocks, so that disk based interaction graph DBs can perform query processing more efficiently w.r.t. disk I/O.
 +=====Adaptive disk layout management for interaction graphs=====
 +In this project we investigate optimizing disk access for interaction graphs that contain large amounts of attribute data, in addition to the graph data. The focus is on adaptive storage layout optimization based on runtime workload characteristics.
 +====== Publications ======
 +  * Buğra Gedik, Rajesh Bordawekar. "Temporal Storage and Querying of Evolving Interaction Graphs", Transactions in Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE (TKDE), 2014.
 +====== Collaborators ======
 +  * Rajesh Bordawekar, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
 +  * Robert Soulé, University of Lugano (USI)
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