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 +====== Mining social graphs and data from micro-blogging services ======
 +With wide spread use of social networks, blogs, and micro-blogging services, social media analysis has become an active area of research. Especially, the spread of information in social networks and the interaction between participant characteristics and the spread of information are popular topics of research. The analysis of the data produced by participants on social media platforms via data mining techniques can facilitate finding social groups and communities, understanding the impact of cultural characteristics on participant behavior, performing market analysis, product opinion analysis, and public opinion analysis.
 +===== Analyzing social media discussions w.r.t. participation patterns and participant profiles =====
 +The goal of this project is to (i) detect and extract topic discussions from social media content, (ii) determine the features that summarize the discussion dynamics and select the ones that are most distinctive, (iii) form a multi-dimensional time series representation using these distinctive features (aka topic strands), (iv) design clustering algorithms for grouping similar topic strands, and (v) integrate multi-resolution analysis techniques in order to capture similarities across time scales. 
 +===== Broker-based ad allocation in social networks =====
 +We explore the marketing value of social networks with respect to increasing the adoption of a new innovation/product, or generating brand awareness. A common technique employed is to target a small set of users that will result in a large cascade of further adoptions. Existing formulations and solutions in the literature generally focus on the case of a single company. Yet, the problem gets more challenging if there are a number of companies, each one aiming to create a viral advertising campaign of its own by paying a set of network users. 
 +====== Publications ======
 +  * İzzeddin Gür, Hakan Ferhatosmanoğlu, Buğra Gedik. "Broker-based Ad Allocation in Social Networks", submitted to TKDD.
 +  * "TopicStrand: Analyzing Social Media Discussions based on Participation Characteristics", in preperation.
 +====== Collaborators ======
 +  * Hakan Ferhatosmanoğlu, Bilkent University, Bilvea Lab
 +  * Tarık Arıcı, İstanbul Şehir University