Elastic and Transparent Scaling for Stream Processing Applications

In this project, we are looking into automatically parallelizing stream processing applications. The goal is to take a sequential version of a stream program and produce a functionally equivalent version that is distributed and parallel. We then provide runtime mechanisms to fine tune the parallelization.

Auto Pipelining

In this project, we aim at locating pipeline parallelization opportunities in a data flow graph and performing runtime profiling and adaptation to exploit these opportunities to achieve better throughput. An important challenge is to find a good setting among a combinatorially large number of choices.

Auto Data-parallelization

In this project, we aim at locating data parallelization opportunities in a data flow graph and perform fission to exploit these opportunities. An important aspect of this work is to ensure safety in the presence of selective and stateful operators, which require special runtime mechanisms.

Elastic Data-parallelization

In this project, we extend our work on auto data-parallelization with the aim of enabling runtime adaptation to changes in workload and resource availability. One particular challenge is to come up with an effective control algorithm. Another challenge is to manage partial state migration in the presence of stateful operators.

Combined data and pipeline parallelism

In this project, we look at the problem of doing data and pipeline parallelism within the same framework, with the aim of finding a close to optimal configuration without spending excessive amount of resources for finding the parallelization configuration.


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  • FP7 European Commission, Marie Curie Actions


  • Basri Kahveci, Ph.D., “Organic stream processing”, September 2015 - *
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  • Özcan Öztürk, Bilkent University
  • Scott Schneider, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
  • Martin Hirzel, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
  • Kun-Lung Wu, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
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