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Dr. Buğra Gedik, Ph.D. (boora ghedi’c)

Work Experience

  • Mar 2020 - *: Facebook, Inc.
  • Sep 2014 - Feb 2020: Unscrambl Inc., Atlanta, GA, USA
    • Aug 2015 - *: Vice President of Engineering
    • Sep 2014 - Jul 2015: Consultant and member of the founding team
    • Apr 2015 - Apr 2017: Associate Professor
    • Jun 2012 - Mar 2015: Assistant Professor (Feb 2014 Yök Doçentliği)
  • Jan 2014 - Apr 2015: Co-founder, System Architect, Blindspot Forecast Techologies (dissolved), İstanbul, Turkey
  • Aug 2006 - May 2012: Research Staff Member, Streaming Systems, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
    • 2010 - 2011: Chief Architect, IBM Streams
    • 2009 - 2010: Software Architect, IBM Streams Language and Compiler


Recent news

📜 Culmination of many years of R&D, our SPL paper is published in ACM TOPLAS
Associate Editor for the ACM Transactions on Internet Technology
Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Services Computing
📚 Book, available for order: Fundamentals of Stream Processing

Research brief

I do research in data-intensive distributed systems. You can find my Google Scholar page here. I have an h-index of 35. You can see my selected publications here.

Bio summary

Buğra Gedik is currently the VP of Engineering at Unscrambl, Inc. Prior to that, he was an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Engineering, Bilkent University, Turkey. Prior to that he was as a Research Staff Member at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center. His research interests are in distributed data-intensive systems with a particular focus on fast data and big data. In the past, he served as the Chief Architect for IBM's InfoSphere Streams product. He is the co-inventor of the SPL and the SPADE stream processing languages. He is the co-recipient of the IEEE ICDCS 2003, IEEE DSN 2011, ACM DEBS 2011 and 2012, and IEEE ICWS 2013 best paper awards. He is currently an Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Services Computing and the ACM Transactions on Internet Technology. He served as the co-PC chair for the ACM DEBS 2009 and IEEE CollaborateCom 2007 conferences. He served on the program committees of numerous conferences, including IEEE ICDCS, VLDB, ACM SIGMOD, IEEE ICDE, and EDBT. He has published ~100 peer-reviewed articles in the areas of distributed computing and data management and is the co-author of the book "Fundamentals of Stream Processing: Application Design, Systems, and Analytics". He has applied for over 30 patents, most of them related to his work on streaming technologies. He was named an IBM Master Inventor and is the recipient of an IBM Corporate Award for his work in the System S project. The project has been named as one of IBM's Icons of Progress for the Centennial and Dr. Gedik has been named as one of the three key contributors for the project (link). After joining Bilkent, Dr. Gedik has received an BAGEP Outstanding Young Scientist Award from the National Science Academy Association (Bilim Akademisi Derneği) of Turkey in 2013 and a Young Scientist Award from the Heroes of Science Association (Bilim Kahramanları Derneği) of Turkey in 2015. He received an IBM Faculty Award in 2013. He has obtained his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA and prior to that, his B.S. degree in Computer Science from Bilkent University, Turkey.

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