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Welcome to Bilvea Lab

Bilvea Lab is a joint research lab between Bilkent University's Department of Computer Engineering and Türk Telekom Avea Labs. The lab conducts research in areas such as big data analytics, data management, and mobile applications, with a particular focus on the telecommunications (telco) domain.

Telco is a data-intensive domain where live feeds that carry customer interaction data stream into the data centers of service providers. Analytics performed on such data improve operations (such as forecasting for resource provisioning), marketing (such as customer segmentation for campaign management), and sales (such as regression for churn prediction). Furthermore, such information can be utilized for understanding mobility patterns, traffic behavior, social behavior, and can contribute to city planning. The size, speed and variety of such data calls for new solutions in data management, mining, and systems research.

Bilvea Lab's main goal is to research novel and scalable data applications to enable the development of next generation of capabilities in information technology and telecommunications.


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