CS 491/492: Senior Design Project

New rules for CS491/492 Projects starting in Fall 2015.

Read the following before contacting me to be your supervisor:

  • I will supervise ONLY TWO senior projects.
  • First come - first served rule applies. But I may reject your project proposal if I do not find it appropriate.
  • I will not accept to be the supervisor of any social media applications and/or any sort of recommendation systems.
  • The project should be "difficult enough" to be a Senior Project, and should include concepts, techniques, algorithms from multiple - ideally elective - courses. Remember that this is not the CS102 course: do not come up with project ideas that are simple enough for freshmen students to design & implement.
  • I expect you to start coding in the first semester, preferably on day 1. Define your project milestones, and demonstrate your progress every couple of weeks.
  • All projects MUST BE hosted at GitHub. You may keep your repository private, but grant me full access to your project. My GitHub ID is calkan.
    • All project members MUST have GitHub accounts.
    • I will trace your progress through your commits.
    • All milestones, and project development stages should be defined in your GitHub page as Issues, and each Issue should be assigned to one of the project members.
    • Keep in mind that each student's GitHub activity WILL affect his/her project grade.

Current and previous projects:

Note: descriptions are copied from student submissions.

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