Computer Organization

-Spring 2017- (under construction)


Fazlı Can  EA-511 tel. 2613 canf “at-sign” cs “dot” bilkent.edu.tr
Özcan Öztürk  EA-421   tel. 3444   ozturk “at-sign” cs “dot” bilkent.edu.tr 
Will Sawyer  EA-524   tel. 3398   will “at-sign” cs “dot” bilkent.edu.tr

Teaching Assistants
Balanur İçen EA-427 balanur “dot” icen “at-sign” bilkent “dot” edu.tr Office Hour: Wednesday 13:40-14:40
Burak Eserol EA-425 burak “dot” eserol “at-sign” bilkent “dot” edu.tr Office Hour: Wednesday 10:40-12:30
Erdem Derebaşoğlu EA-407 e “dot”derebasogu “at-sign” bilkent “dot” edu.tr Office Hour: Tuesday 11:30-12:30
Fatih Karaoğlanoğlu EA-507 fkaraoglanoglu at-sign” bilkent “dot” edu.tr Office Hour: Monday & Wednesday 13:40-15:00
Leonard Dervishi EA-525 leonard “dot” dervishi “at-sign” bilkent “dot” edu.tr Office Hour: Tuesday 13:30-15:30
Mehmet Başaran EA-505 mehmet “dot” basaran “at-sign” bilkent “dot” edu.tr Office Hour: Tuesday 10:40-12:40
Naveed Ul Mustafa EA-425 naveed “dot” mustafa “at-sign” bilkent “dot” edu.tr Office Hour: Monday 13:30-15:30
Ozan Karsavuran EA-505 ozan “dot” karsavuran “at-sign” bilkent “dot” edu.tr Office Hour: Wednesday 13:30-14:30
Salman Onsari EA-505 salmanonsori “at-sign” bilkent “dot” edu.tr Office Hour: Monday 10:40-12:30
Sinan Sonlu EA-405 sinan “dot” sonlu “at-sign” bilkent “dot” edu.tr Office Hour: Friday 10:40-12:30
Troya Çağıl Köylü EA-425 troya“at-sign” “dot” cs bilkent “dot” edu.tr Office Hour: Thursday 13:40-14:30


Ahmet Şahin ahmet “dot” sahin “at-sign” ug “dot” bilkent.edu.tr (Sec 5)
Alican Büyükkçakır alican “dot” buyukcakir “at-sign” ug “dot” bilkent.edu.tr (Sec 3)
Berke Soysal  berke “dot” soysal “at-sign” ug “dot” bilkent.edu.tr (Sec 6)
Ege Yosunkaya  egeyosunkaya “at-sign” gmail “dot” com (Sec 4) 
Hamza Khan hamza “dot” khan “at-sign” ug “dot” bilkent.edu.tr (Sec 5)
Onur Kulaksızoğlu  onur “dot” kulaksizoglu “at-sign” ug “dot” bilkent.edu.tr (Sec 1 & 2)
Pınar Ezgi Çöl pinar “dot” col “at-sign” ug “dot” bilkent.edu.tr (Sec 2)
Rümeyza Dinçer rumeyzadincer “at-sign” gmail “dot” com (Sec 5)
Serkan Demirci serkan “dot” demirci “at-sign” ug “dot” bilkent.edu.tr (Sec3)
Taha Aksu tahaaksu01 “at-sign” gmail “dot” com (Sec1)
Turan Kaan Elgin turan “dot” elgin “at-sign” ug “dot” bilkent.edu.tr (Sec 2)           

Class Hours
Section 1-2: Monday 10:40-11:30, 11:40-12:30; Thursday 8:40-9:30 (Spare Hour), 9:40-10:30, Place: EE-214
Section 3-4: Tuesday 8:40-9:30 (Spare Hour), 9:40-10:30; Thursday 10:40-11:30, 11:40-12:30, Place: EE-214 
Section 5-6: Tuesday 13:40-14:30, 14:40-15:30; Thursday 15:40-16:30, 16:40-17:30 (Spare Hour), Place: EE-412

Lab Schedule: (Place: EA-Z04)
Section 1, Monday 13:40-17:30 (TAs: Sinan, Troya, Tutors: Onur, Taha)
Section 2, Wednesday 13:40-17:30 (TAs: Sinan, Burak, Tutors: Kaan, Onur, Pınar)
Section 3, Tuesday 13:40-17:30 (TAs: Naveed, Ozan, Erdem, Tutors: Alican, Serkan)
Section 4, Thursday 13:40-17:30 (TAs: Salman, Fatih, Erdem, Tutor: Ege)
Section 5, Friday 8:40-12:30 (TAs: Mehmet, Leonard, Salman, Tutors: A. Burak Şahin, M. Hamza Khan, Rümeyza)
Section 6, Friday 13:40-17:30 (TAs: Mehmet, Burak, Balanur, Tutor: Berke)

Lab - Exam Weekly Schedule: Course Syllabus
Week 1 - February 6-February 10 - No Lab
Week 2 - February 13-February 17 - No Lab
Week 3 - February 20-February 24 - No Lab
Week 4 - February 27-March 3 - Lab 1: 1st MIPS assembly
Week 5 - March 6-March 10 - Lab 2: 2nd MIPS assembly
Week 6 - March 13-March 17 - No Lab
Week 7 - March 20-March 24 - Lab 3: 3rd MIPS assembly
Midterm 1: Sunday March 26
Week 8 - March 27-March 31, No Lab
Week 9 - April 3-April 7, Lab 4: 1st MIPS processor
Week 10 - April 10-April 14, No Lab
Week 11 - April 17-April 21, Lab 5: 2nd MIPS processor
Midterm 2: Saturday April 22
Week 12 - April 24-April 28, Lab 6: Cache Memory
Week 13 - May 1-May 5, Lab 7: I/O initial week
Week 14 - May 8-May 12, Lab 7: I/O final week

Required Textbook
Digital Design and Computer Architecture, 2nd ed. Harris & Harris, Morgan Kaufmann, 2013.

Recommended Text:
Computer Organization and Design, 4th ed. Patterson & Hennessy, Elsevier Inc., 2008.

Exam Dates and Places:
Midterm No. 1: March 26 Sunday at 10:00 - 12:30 in EB-101, EB-102, EB-103, EB-104, EB-201, EB-202, EB-203
Midterm No. 2: April 22 Saturday at 16:00 - 18:30 in EB-101, EB-102, EB-103, EB-104, EB-201, EB-202, EB-203 
Final: May 26 Friday at 18:30 - 21:00 in EB-101, EB-102, EB-103, EB-104, EB-201, EB-202, EB-203

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