Computer Vision
CS 554

Fall 2004

Department of Computer Engineering, Bilkent University


Instructor: Pinar Duygulu
Office :  EA 433
e-mail : duygulu[at]
Phone :  (312) 290 31 43
Office hours:  Tuesdays 13:40-15:30 and by appointment..
Textbook: Computer Vision - A modern Aproach  by David A. Forsyth & Jean Ponce, Prentice Hall, Ed. 1, 2002.  
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Time & Location: Thursdays  8:40-11:30, EA 502
Course Description Basic concepts in computational vision. Relation to human visual perception. The analysis and understanding of image and video data. Mathematical foundations, image formation and representation, segmentation, feature extraction, contour and region analysis, camera geometry and calibration, stereo, motion, 3-D reconstruction, object and scene recognition, object and people tracking, human activity recognition and inference.
Prerequisites:Knowledge of linear algebra and calculus, probability and statistics
        Homeworks 45%  (There will be three programming assignments and two or three reading assignments)
        Paper Presentations 15%
        Term Project 35%
        Class Participation 5%  

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The project may be
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September 23


September 30


  • Topics
  • Readings
    • Chapters  4 and 6
    • Colour in nature, book chapter
    • Is colour constancy good enough?, Brian Funt, Kobus Barnard and Lindsay Martin, 5th European Conference on Computer Vision, 1998, pages 445-459.

October 7

Liner Filters

October 14


  • Topics
    • Texture analysis and synthesis  (slides)
  • Readings
    • Chapter 9
    • Pyramid based Texture Analysis/Synthesis, David Heeger and James Bergen, SIGGARPH 1995
    • A Computational Model of Texture Segmentation, J. Malik and P. Perona, Proc. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 1989
    • Eraly Vision and Texture Perception, J.R. Bergen and E.H. Adelson, Nature, 1988
    • W.Y. Ma and B.S. Manjunath, Texture features and learning similarity, Proceedings of IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, San Francisco, pp. 425-430, June, 1996


October 21

Edge Detection
Interest Points

  • Interest Points
  • Topics
    • Harris Detector, Local invariant points, SIFT  (slides)

October 28

                                     !!!   NO CLASS    !!!

November 4


November 11

Multi-view geometry &  Stereopsis
  • Topics
    • Stereopsis, Epipolar geometry, Matching, Reconstruction (slides)

November 18


  • Topics
    • Optical flow, structure from motion, Tracking (slides)
  • Readings

November 25

  • Topics
    • Segmentation and Grouping, Line fitting  (slides)

December 2
Image and Video Databases

  • Recognition
  • Topics
    • Model based and template matching based methods for recognition (slides)

  • Image and Video Databases
  • Topics
    • Retrieval, browsing and other novel applications on large datasests (slides)

December 9
Student Presentations

December 16

Student Presentations

  • Presentations

December 23

Student Presentations

December 30