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Senior Design Project Topics
proposed by Pinar Duygulu



- Below you will find a list of research and development projects related to computer vision, multimedia and pattern recognition.
- I am not expecting you to have a background in these areas, but you should be motivated and enthusiastic about learning new topics.
- The topics are along the state-of-the-art research and have high potential to produce high quality research papers. Therefore, these projects will help the students to continue their academic life in the top universities in abroad or in Turkey.
-Also, with the developing technology there is a high demand for multimedia and vision applications in the industry, and most of the companies are seeking for qualified people. Therefore, the students who have done such a related project will be one step ahead.
- I expect the students to work consistently throughout the two semesters and to see me to discuss progress every two weeks or so.
- If you are interested in any of the projects, please contact me by e-mail (

Topics related to Multimedia


This year, the project topics are chosen among the most challenging problems in the multimedia community as proposed in Multimedia Grand Challenge 2010. Since the topics are of interest to the important research centers in the world, it is most likely that some of them will be still the challenges for 2011. Therefore the students who have chosen these projects will have a chance to compete with the others and may have future collaboration with the organizers such as Google, Yahoo! etc. Please first look at the descriptions of the challenges. Don’t panic! For the projects the students will be responsible for sub-problems which are manageable. Here are the topics that I suggest. Please refer to the ACM webpage if you are interested in other projects.

·         3DLife/Technicolor  Challenge: Sport Camera Networks

This project aims to analyse the sport events from multiple cameras. In our RETINA Vison and Learning Group we have 4 cameras that is suitable for this project. The project team will be responsible for (i) setting up the camera system and obtaining data (ii) obtaining human figures from each camera view and (iii) analysis of the action. The challenge provides a dataset which can eliminate the need for the first step.

·         Google Challenge : Indexing and Fast Interactive Searching in Personal Diaries

This project aims the recording and organization of a person’s daily activities and diaries which can be used for summarization, indexing and search. During the project the first step will be to provide a system for indexing and searching on a personal photo collection. It will require the semi-automatic labeling of faces and places, and incorporation of time and location information whenever possible.

·         HP Challenge: High Impact Visual Communication

This project aims the organization of a photo collection taken during a vacation, and creation of a collage that best represents the full collection with possible tags.

Topics on Ottoman Archives

We have an ongoing project for indexing and retrieval of Ottoman archives. Please see me for the variety of topics to make these valuable archives accessible to the public. See the project web page for more information.



Publications of the previous senior students

“Atatürk’ün El Yazmalarının İşlenmesi”,

Talha Soysal, Hande Adiguzel, Alp Oktem, Alican Haman, Ethem Fatih Can, Pinar Duygulu, Mehmet Kalpakli

In Proceedings of IEEE 18. Sinyal İşleme ve İletişim Uygulamaları Kurultayı (SIU 20010)
Diyarbakir, Turkey, April 24-26, 2010


"Kişi İlişkileri Kullanılarak Fotoğraflardaki Yüzlerin İsimlendirilmesi”, (pdf)
Muhammed Fatih Bulut, Pınar Duygulu
In Proceedings of IEEE 17. Sinyal İşleme ve İletişim Uygulamaları Kurultayı (SIU 2009)
Antalya, Turkey, April 9-11, 2009

"Benzer Yüzlerin Bulunması”, (pdf)
R. Baturalp Torun, Merve Yurdakul, Pınar Duygulu
In Proceedings of IEEE 17. Sinyal İşleme ve İletişim Uygulamaları Kurultayı (SIU 2009)
Antalya, Turkey, April 9-11, 2009

"Magaza Katologlarında Icerik Bazlı Resim Arama”, (pdf)
Mehmet Can Kurt, Sermetcan Baysal, Pelin Damcı, Gonca Aydoğdu, İlay Telmen, Pınar Duygulu
In Proceedings of IEEE 17. Sinyal İşleme ve İletişim Uygulamaları Kurultayı (SIU 2009)
Antalya, Turkey, April 9-11, 2009

Yuz Bulma Yontemlerinin Haber Videolari icin Sistematik Karsilastirmasi  (.pdf)

Can Acar, Arda Atlas, Koray Cevik, Isa Olmez, Mustafa Unlu, Derya Ozkan, Pinar Duygulu
In Proceedings of IEEE 15. Sinyal İşleme ve İletişim Uygulamaları Kurultayı (SIU),
Anadolu Üniversitesi, Eskişehir, Turkey, June 11-13, 2007