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This is an implementation of FP-Growth-Tiny which introduces a space optimization to FP-Growth algorithm for mining frequent itemsets in a transaction database.

The algorithm is described in the Research section.

The code contains libraries, CLI frontends and a few other tools suited for this task.

Note: Frequent itemset or frequency mining is the core of popular mining methods such as association rule mining and sequence mining.


The code is freely available under GPL: fp-growth-1.4.0


This package contains various skeleton projects for C/C++. Their common feature is that they try to be generic, consistent, minimal and portable using only standard libraries and programs.

They are intended to be good starting points to write pure C/C++ programs under GNU/Linux systems. Thus, they assume a recent version of gnu tool chain.


Skel is distributed under GNU GPL, you may download the latest version here:

download skel-0.2 source code

Dub Playlist

Dub playlist is a really small footprint noatun playlist plugin that lets you browse directories directly. It is available in kdeaddons module since KDE 3.2.


A mobile application for access to real-time city maps and querying routes for travelling. Please see the mapbuddy page at sourceforge to download it.


An implementation of shear-warp rendering for volume visualization.