CS 112 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming - Section 7

Important Announcements

Final Exam

You can see our final exam papers on Monday 28th May 2007.


1,4 FCZ-23/B, C, D

2 B206

3,7 BZ02, 03, 04

5 BZ05

6 BZ01

8 BZ08



Ugur Gudukbay: gudukbay [at] cs.bilkent.edu.tr

Teaching Assistants:

Ozcan Oksuz: oksuz [at] cs.bilkent.edu.tr, Esra Ataer: ataer [at] cs.bilkent.edu.tr

Course Schedule:

Tuesday 10:40-12:30 (B204), Friday 08:40-10:30 (B204)

Lab Schedule:

Friday 13:40-17:30 (F207 in Faculty of Fine Arts)

There will be a set of laboratory assignments. The students are expected to do their programming assignments and demonstrate to the Teaching Assistants in the labs. There will also be lab quizzes. Attendance to the lectures and laboratories are mandatory. I will also give quizzes in the class.

You may fail the course if the attendance is below a certain percentage.

Those who fail to attend more than one lab without any excuse (a valid medical report, etc.) will fail the course.

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