There will be three/four programming assignments throughout the semester.
You will use WebGL WebGL for Programming Assignments. Source code documentation and organization should make your programs easy to read and convey your understanding of the implemented applications. Poor documentation and programming style will result in a lower score.
Assistant's Web Page for Assignments
(Contains useful information and links related with OpenGL and GLU and also lots of code samples).
You will demonstrate your programs to me in the scheduled time. Demo times will be announced for each assignment in these pages. Demonstrations are a kind of exam.

You must also submit your source codes (including online documentation (comments and a README.txt file explaining how it is compiled and run) to the TA. You should email (with the Subject CS465 Assignment #1) to Sinan Sonlu (sinan.sonlu@bilkent.edu.tr) a single zip file named as LastName1_CS465_Asst1.zip, containing two directories: SourceCodes, Executables, and a README.txt file describing how to compile and run your assignment.

Late Assignment Policy:

No late assignments accepted. Submit whatever you have done on the due date to get partial credit, with an explanation of what you have done, what is/is not working, and so on.

Exam and Programming Assignment Grades

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