CS101 - Computer Literacy


Basic Computer Usage

Clueless Novice Apprentice Expert


Identify major elements of computer system and their basic function
Hardware - (System unit, Screen, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer), Software - (programs & data), People, Operating Procedures
Know basic mouse usage
mouse cursor & its movement, left, right & double click, drag & drop
Know basic keyboard usage
usage of shift key to obtain lower/upper case letters, etc., backspace/delete, enter, caps lock, tab, control & alt keys. Text cursor and usage of cursor movement keys including page up/down, home/end. Switch languages. Demonstrate using Notepad.
Operating system
its function, name some, logging on/off windows machines in labs. Running programs from Start button, desktop icons, explorer. Switch between running programs using task bar.
Window usage
Anatomy. Manipulating windows, minimise/maximise, close, resize. Scroll bars inside window. Menus (direct use & short-cuts), speedbar, status bar.
Storage media
basic types and characteristics (hard/floppy disks, CDROM's, RAM, tape) Usage of floppy disk. Backups.
Storage organisation
Devices/Files/Folders, naming & types.
Usage of Windows Explorer
format floppy disk, browse, create folder & file, rename, run program, open data file for use, delete, move, copy. Selecting multiple items using shift/control.
Usage of file dialogs, navigation, creating new folders, renaming, deleting, etc.
Clipboard usage
cut/copy/paste, via menu & shortcuts
Getting help
reading and understanding online documentation
Basic ethics
keep passwords secret, appreciate that hacking is immoral & illegal, should be polite!