Fundamental Structures of Computer Science II


Summer 2010




Semester : Summer 2010


Instructor : Dr. Ilyas Cicekli

Office#: EA504

Email : ilyas@cs.bilkent.edu.tr

Phone : 290-1589


Course Hours: Monday 13:40-15:30 Tuesday 13:40-15:30 Thursday 13:40-15:30 (EB103)


Off. Hours : Tuesday 10:40-12:00


Assistants :

Sefa Kılı Email: sefak@cs.bilkent.edu.tr Ofis:EA-530, Tel: 1425, Off. Hours:





[1] Frank M. Carrano, Data Abstraction and Problem Solving with C++: Walls and Mirrors, 5th edition, Addison-Wesley, 2007. (required)

[2] Harvey M. Deitel and Paul J. Deitel, C++ How to Program, Prentice Hall, 2005. (recommended)

[3] Mark A. Weiss, Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis in C++, Addison Wesley, 2006. (recommended)



Tentative Course Outline:

1. Algorithm Efficiency and Sorting (Ch.9 of textbook [1])

2. Trees (Ch.10 of textbook [1])

3. Tables and Priority Queues (Ch.11 of textbook [1])

4. Advanced Implementation of Tables (Ch.12 of textbook [1])

5. Graphs (Ch.13 of textbook [1])



Grading :

Midterm 1 : 25% (closed-book, closed-notes)

Midterm 2 : 25% (closed-book, closed-notes)

Final : 30% (closed-book, closed-notes)

Homeworks : 20%





     Assignments will be posted on the web page 7 days before their due date.

     Assignments are due at class time on the due date; they will not be accepted after the class time.

     Turned in assignments must be printer outputs with your names, student ids, and sections on them; otherwise they will not be graded.

     You should also send an email message (to your TA) containing your typed homework and source codes of your C++ programs in your homework. You should send this email message before 6:00 pm on the due date.

     Graded assignments are to be picked up from the TAs during their office hours.

     You have to do your own homework. CHEATING WILL BE HEAVILY PUNISHED.



Course Web Page : ( Visit this web page regularly)



Lecture Notes:








         Assignment 1 - Due Date: June 21 (Monday) solutions

         Assignment 2 - Due Date: July 5 (Monday)

         Assignment 3 - Due Date: July 13 (Tuesday)

         Assignment 4 - Due Date: July 23 (Friday)