ChiLay: Chisio Layout

ChiLay (Chisio Layout) is a free, open source graphics/rendering independent Java component, which can be used by interactive graph editing tools to automatically layout compound or clustered graphs as well as simple, flat graphs. Among the layout algorithms available in ChiLay are CoSE for compound graphs and CiSE for clustered graphs, both designed by our group, as well as several other popular layout algorithms for both directed and undirected graphs, from spring embedders to circular layout to Sugiyama layout.

Chisio Layout was designed to be used both locally, as part of an application, or remotely, for instance by a web application.

Instructions for using Chisio Layout version 2.0 can be found in its Programmer's Guide.


The sources of Chisio Layout are maintained in a GitHub project.

Release Notes for Version 2.0


Software development team of Chisio Layout includes Ugur Dogrusoz, M.Esat Belviranli, Cihan Kucukkececi, Alptug Dilek, Erhan Giral, and Alper Karacelik of the Computer Engineering Department.