Layout Demo

This demo software showcases the CoSE and CiSE layout algorithms, for compound and clustered graphs, respectively, developed by our group. Its client side was written in Adobe Flex version 3.5, whereas the server side provides the necessary implementations of our algorithms in Java, serviced through Apache Tomcat.

Start the demo!
[requires a minimum version 10.0.0 of Flash Player]

Other implementations of these algorithms can be found in Chisio, ChiBE, VISIBIOweb, and PATIKAweb.


The user interface (client side) of this demo was mainly written by Ebrahim Rajabzadeh. Many people contributed to the development of the server side including Ugur Dogrusoz, M.Esat Belviranli, Alptug Dilek, Alper Karacelik, Selcuk Onur Sumer, and Shatlyk Ashyralyev.