Bilkent University - Computer Engineering Department

CS490: Senior Research Project

Description: The purpose of this course is to introduce students to research techniques in computer engineering and science. Each student is assigned a research topic that is suitable to his/her academic background and interests. Under the supervision of a departmental faculty member, the student will tackle the problem and try to find a satisfactory solution. Written and oral presentations of results are required.
Credit units: 3, ECTS Credit units: 5.
Prerequisite(s): CS 202 and CS 224 and CS 315 and CS 319 and MATH 225 and MATH230.

CS490 Details for the Current Semester



A student needs to agree first with a faculty member on taking the course. Then he/she will fill and sign the following registration form and submit it to the department. All signatures must be completed in the order on the form. The student then needs to create a course override form (from SRS). The department will add the course with this override form to the student. These must be completed before the registration period ends (by add/drop deadline).

Registration Form

Project Proposals (grouped by Faculty Member)