Wireless Network Topologies and Algorithms for Cloud Datacenters

TUBITAK - The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey

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This project investigates efficient and effective use of wireless links and paths in wireless datacenters (WCDs) that constitute the critial physical infrastructure of cloud computing providers. Traditional datacenters are formed as a) partially wireless, by adding wireless links to current wired infrastructure, named as hybrid datacenters, or b) completely wireless, by forming a completely wireless datacenter without using any wires. The advantage of WDCs over traditional datacenters are decreasing infrastructure and cooking costs and wire comlexity, providing a flexible interconnection, decreasing congestion using dynamic wireless links and configurations and therefore increasing throughput. This project will focus on two issues in two parts. In first part, novel wireless multi-hop dynamic path assignment models and techniques for hybrid WDCs, which consider traffic demands, will be proposed. The second part will focus on emulating non-blocking traditional wired datacenter topologies into WDCs. We are also planning to work on developing new WDC architectures and topologies. We will evaluate our proposals via simulation experiments.

Principal Investigator

Starting Date: June 1, 2017

Duration: 30 months