Wireless Networking Curriculum Enhancement Project

Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering and Department of Electrical Engineering

Principle Investigators: Ezhan Karasan, Ibrahim Korpeoglu
Budget: ~62,000 USD
Sponsor: Intel Corporation

The goal of this project is to transform the undergraduate and graduate curriculum on wireless networking in Bilkent into a project oriented structure based on the hands-on experience that the students get in a well-equipped wireless laboratory. This program will help us to establish a graduate/undergraduate student body at Bilkent University who will have a thorough understanding of wireless communication fundamentals, wireless technologies, wireless protocols, and wireless networking in general, and this will in turn help to accelerate adoption and use of wireless technologies in Turkey.

Towards this goal, we will modify one of our existing graduate courses on wireless networking, and add a new undergraduate course on wireless networking. The program will be designed and implemented by two faculty members, Ibrahim Korpeoglu from Department of Computer Engineering (CS) and Ezhan Karasan from Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE).


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