Bilkent University CUDA Research Center



Assoc. Prof. Ozcan Ozturk

MS. Student Serif Yesil

MS. Student Mohammad Reza Soltaniyeh

MS. Student Azita Nouri

Ph.D. Student Hamzeh Ahangari

Funding: Funded by NVidia


Bilkent University CUDA Research Center Summary


Duration: 2013 2015




Parallel Systems and Architecture Laboratory (PSA) of Computer Engineering Department focuses on research in Parallel Systems, Architectures, and Programming. Significant increase in data sizes in real world applications has been the motivation of developing scalable data intensive algorithms for several years. Parallel programming paradigms are the key to achieve high performance while being able to mine huge datasets.


Specifically, we focus on accelerating data intensive algorithms on CUDA, utilizing accelerator technologies in the Cloud and improving application behavior on GPU systems through efficient kernel mapping. PI has received external funding from IBM, European Commission, The Scientific and Technological Research Council Of Turkey (TUBITAK) and other private companies. Bilkent University researchers have been actively working on GPU programming and optimization in a state-of-the-art GPU infrastructure.