Project Name Members Supervisor      
Jury Members
Innovation Expert
Healthscope Cüneyt Erem
Doğukan Gür
Mert Gürcan
Kaan Kale
Melih Sancak
A. Ercüment Çiçek
Selim Aksoy
Özcan Öztürk
Ali Buğdaycı
Healthscope is java based project, running on the Android platform, aims to make people more aware of impact of the products on their health. When customer do shopping, Healthscope identifies the product that customer like and tell him/her whether it is a healthy choice or not according to the customers’ health status which is reflected as codes in our app. As a result, this project would help customers to fill their shopping carts with more healthy foods that improve their medical conditions.
Project Apollo Alp Güvenir
Murat Deniz Parmaksız
Turgay Arda Usman
M. Mustafa Özdal
Erman Ayday
A. Ercüment Çiçek
Burçin Didinedin
Project Apollo is a mobile application that helps users to find nearby people with similar taste of music based on their preferences on Spotify, Deezer and Last.fm. It also provides a music/event discovery and sharing environment.
The system will create hubs for users with the similar music taste automatically and offer new songs and events to the hubs. Users can communicate through hubs and this lets them offer songs, find concert mates, participate to events as a group etc. The application will be released for Android and iOS platforms.
TV Rhino Haluk İncidelen
İsmail Kerimov
Selim Mıdıkoğlu
Ş. Hande Teke
Kaya Yıldırım
A. Ercüment Çiçek
Can Alkan
Erman Ayday
Bora Güngören
The program TV Rhino is an extensive social media which is mainly  focused on TV shows. When the user signs up to the program, a broadcast streamings of each TV channel shows up as a list of TV show options. Each option represents a topic on a specific TV show. Users are able to comment, share ideas and rate on this live broadcast TV show. Also the comments and rates that are entered by other users are publicly shown. Besides, the users can see the most commented and ranked show on TV.
WhatsIn Pınar Ezgi Çöl
Fatma Begüm İlhan
Oğuzhan Karakahya
Muratcan Katırcı
Yonca Yunatcı 
Erman Ayday
Can Alkan
A. Ercüment Çiçek
Bora Güngören
WhatsIn is a smart refrigerator system that enables users to keep track of the foods in the refrigerator with their approximate expiration dates. The system will identify each of the goods by the help of a camera. The information retrieved from the camera will be processed with semi-supervised machine learning methodologies that will be chosen according to compatibility with image processing applications. An android application will provide a user interface to reach the information. In addition to listing the goods, users will be able to prepare shopping lists and receive recipe suggestions. When the expiration date of some food is close, the system will give notification. By this way, the project basically aims to reduce the amount of wasted food.