Project Name Members Supervisor      
Jury Members
Innovation Expert
CarBuds Doğukan Altay
Ali Osman Çetin
Aras Heper
Ahmet Emre Nas
Uğur Doğrusöz
Ercüment Çiçek
H. Altay Güvenir
Doğukan Şengül
CarBuds is a mobile application that any university student can register to reach hitchhikers or can be hitchhiker to find a ride to a specific location. The application offers to find a car or a hitchhiker very quickly while assuring the validity of the other person’s whether he or she a student of the proposed university. Therefore, with the help of the Carbuds students can reach each other for sharing a ride in a fast and secure way. 
HelPet Berke Deniz Başaran
Numan Mertcan Cankara
Doğa Zeynep Germen
Berat Tuna Karlı
Irmak Tural
H. Altay Güvenir
Çiğdem Gündüz Demir
Mustafa Özdal
Burcu Coşkun Şengül
HelPet is a mobile application that targets to animal lovers and owners.
Main features of application are finding and notifying users about wounded or lost animals by using locations. It also provides a platform people to make their pets adopted and mated according to their demand. Also through that application people who want to look after an animal for specific time period can find animals and contact with their owners. In addition reminding vaccine time of pets and communication among owners is provided.
Neophyte Umut Aköz
Gülce Karaçal
Oğuz Liv
Ali Soyaslan
H. Altay Güvenir
Hamdi Dibeklioğlu
Uğur Güdükbay
Armağan Yavuz
Neophyte is a learning tool for children in elementary school and middle school ages. It is important for children to learn algorithm creation in early ages, as it will affect their problem solving skills and computational thinking skills. Therefore, we aim to teach children how to code while making them entertained by playing different kinds of games they like. This project will offer an improved and engaging environment where children may not only learn how to write a program, but also have opportunities to be creative using programming while interacting with each other. Our application will consist of a number of small games (like flash games) and medium length scenarios that will contain many problems along the path of gameplay. Users will be allowed to play single player or multiplayer and they can switch the language of the game between English and Turkish. This project may take the initiative for a new research area as children will be motivated to use this system for both entertainment and educational purposes.
Planetarium Yiğit Bedişkan
Hüseyin Eren Çalık
Kıvanç Gümüş
Ümitcan Hasbioğlu
Boran Yıldırım
Uğur Doğrusöz
Fazlı Can
Uğur Güdükbay

Armağan Yavuz
Planetarium is a freemium mobile strategy game. It is multiplayer, real-time and set in space. In Planetarium, every user has a planet which s/he builds on and mines. After having enough resources s/he can build weapons, research and develop new technologies, attack other planets and use many other opportunities to strengthen his/her planet. Its difference from other online strategy games is that Planetarium provides a 3D space battle gameplay in which the user can attack to a planet or defend his/her planet using his/her mobile phone as the control panel of the gun or the spaceship. This gameplay utilizes gyroscope and the motions of the phone shapes the 3D battle feature. 
Phobos Mithat Orhan
Emre Serdengeçti
Volkan Sevinç
Tuğrul Dayar
Uğur Güdükbay
Eray Tüzün
Cem Çimenbiçer 
Phobos is a first person perspective horror game that uses an Psychological Profiling Engine that analyses the behaviour of the player towards game aspects and changes the game according to the fears of the player. Analysis input varies from eye and face movement data from webcam to rational or irrational mouse movements.