Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering


How to write winning project proposals for the

European Commission's IST Program?


Prof. Dr. Asuman Dogac

M.E.T.U. Department of Computer Engineering


  1. Possible Funding Mechanisms for Turkish participants, chances of
    2. Types of participation
    3. Types of projects
    4. Work Program 2002
    5. The 6th Framework Program (2003-2006)
    6. Key Actions I, II, III, IV
    7. Building Consortia, roles of partners
    8. Parts of a proposal
    9. Proposal preparation steps
    10. How to maximize success rate?
    11. How the proposals are evaluated? Evaluation criteria, weights and
    12. Useful links
    13. Follow up meeting
    14. You can do it, be proactive and grab the opportunity!


DATE: April 25, 2002, Thursday @ 15:45

PLACE: B-113