Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering


Aspect-Oriented Programming Using Composition Filters


Mehmet Aksit

Department of Computer Science, University of Twente


The object-oriented paradigm has been successful because of its good modularity characteristics. Composability problems may be experienced, however, when objects need to evolve due to new or changing requirements. Especially, the so-called non-functional properties of software, such as access-control, history sensitivity, synchronization and real-time behavior, make it difficult to adapt and reuse objects. This talk will first present an illustrative example, which evolves due to the changing requirements.

The talk will illustrate the limitations of current object-oriented languages and design patterns in coping with the changing requirements. As a solution to the obstacles various aspect-oriented approaches will be discussed briefly. The talk will further focus on the composition filters approach and will illustrate its advantages, limitations and practical applicability in real projects.


DATE: March 19, 2002, Tuesday @ 15:40