Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering


Web Services and Transactions


Erdoğan Doğdu, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Georgia State University

Department of Computer Science


Next generation distributed software applications will be built using new middleware technologies that take advantage of ubiquitous Internet protocols. The latest arrival in middleware technologies is "Web Services" that contains a number of widely accepted standard protocols including XML, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI. This base stack of Web Services standards only specifies how remote applications and processes communicate and use each other's services seamlessly regardless of platform and programming heterogeneity. On the other hand business-level enterprise applications require higher levels of dependability and quality when using these technologies. There are ongoing academic and industrial efforts in extending the current Web Services framework to enable such uses of Web Services, namely new protocols, techniques, and frameworks that will allow users to develop web services-based systems that are dependable. One step in this effort is to specify and execute transactions via web service composition. Traditional transaction semantics do not apply to web services based applications due to loosely coupled nature of web services. In this talk, current web service composition and transaction work will be reviewed. We also present our proposal for the management of web service transactions via Web Service Monitor (WSM). WSM automates the process of executing web service transactions in an optimized manner.


DATE: December 18, 2003, Thursday @ 16:40