Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering


Self Aware Networks and Quality of Service


Erol Gelenbe


Dennis Gabor Chair

Imperial College, London


The phenomenal growth of the Internet implies that network users operate in a setting in which connectivity, topology and bandwidth are basically unknown to them. We will describe an experimental system which allows users to take advantage of on-line measurements and self-adaptation to seek network performance which approximates their QoS requirements in quasi-real time.

Brief Bio: Erol Gelenbe is known for his work in computer and network performance analysis, as well as for novel research in spiked random neural networks. A Fellow of ACM and IEEE, he served as the University Chair Profesor of EECS at University of Central Florida and for five years as founding director of the School of EECS, which includes degree programs in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Information Technology. During the period 1998-2003 the SEECS recruited over 25 faculty of all ranks, and tripled the size of its graduate programs. During the same period Dr Gelenbe graduated six PhD students and has been awarded over $4 million in grants as a principal or co-principal investigator. He is currently funded by NSF, ARO, NAWC, Lucent, and Adaptec. The author of four books which have appeared in English, French, Japanese and Korean, Erol has published over 105 journal articles and has received several professional awards. Dr Gelenbe has been awarded the Dennis Gabor Chair at Imperial College, where he has just received grants from EPSRC to work on Self-Aware Networks, and from the Ministry of Defence to work on Data Fusion.


DATE: June 30, 2003, Monday @ 11:00