Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering



Building the Next Generation Security Infrastructure for Pervasive Networks


Assist. Prof. Berk Sunar

Worcester Polytechnic Institute


The exponential growth in pervasive networks has created a variety of new or perhaps previously ignored problems for security architectures. The problem has grown both in the number of nodes as well as the new limitations imposed on the resources made available for them. The classic assumptions that computational power is abundant and operational speed is the most important factor in assessing the merit of an architecture need to be reconsidered. In this talk we survey new technologies such as Piconet, RFIDs, and SmartDust which are built around the concept of tiny autonomous nodes which contain sensors, some computing power, a transceiver, and a power source. We will identify the limitations of such autonomous nodes and discuss the implications on the security infrastructure. We present recent research results outlining several new constructions for ensuring the integrity of data. These constructions provide provable security and satisfy the efficiency requirements as set above. The talk will conclude with the implementation results.


DATE: May 28, 2003, Wednesday @ 15:30