Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering


On Modeling and Analysis of Process Chains in

Logistic Networks


Dr. Peter Kemper

TU Dresden, Fakultat Informatik

Institut fur Angewandte Informatik


Logistic networks cover a broad range of topics considering the flow of information, materials and finance among a network of participating contractors. Modeling and simulation is used to support the design and management of logistic networks by analyzing existing situations and "what if " scenarios. Potential for improvement is seen in a focus on processes in order to identify unnecessary delays or usage of resources in the sequence of activities from order to payment. This talk presents ProC/B a process oriented modeling language with a smart notion of hierarchy based on the notion of services and inclusion of resources to keep up with the complexity of modeling real world applications. A model based analysis mainly relies on discrete event simulation but for specific aspects analytical and numerical techniques based on Markov chain analysis apply as well. The ProC/B modeling language and corresponding analysis engines have been implemented within the ProC/B toolset. The talk gives an overview of the ProC/B approach, a paradigm that has been developed, refined and employed with the DFG funded research project on Modeling Large Networks in Logistics, a large and long-term interdisciplinary research project at Universitat Dortmund,Germany.

DATE: July 21, 2004, Wednesday @ 10:40