Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering



Animation of Dressed Virtual Humans

İlknur Kaynar

Master Thesis Presentation

 Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Bülent Özgüç

In this study, we present a system that enables the simulation of a dressed virtual human with different motion behaviors. The proposed system is composed of three modules: human body motion module, garment design module, and garment simulation module. The human body motion module enables the user to design different motion behaviors by adjusting the motion patterns for each body part. The garment design module consists of creating garment patterns, setting their sizes, and cutting them by removing particles. The adjustment of garment patterns onto human body is achieved by seaming garment patterns while applying cloth deformation and collision handling. Garment simulation module provides animation of virtual humans with the garments on. The main problem in garment simulation is collision handling between the animated virtual human and its garments. This study focuses on this problem. Collision detection calculations are reduced by using bounding volumes for both virtual human and garments. In addition, for avoiding edge-edge collision detection, a heuristic that consist of constructing a very thin volume around the human body is applied. For the collision response, penalty forces and constraints are applied depending on the distance between the particle and the triangle's plane, and the particle's position with respect to triangle. Visual results and performance experiments produced by the implementation are presented.

DATE: July 8, 2004, Thursday @ 09:00