Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering


A Distributed and Measurement-based Framework Against Free Riding in Peer-to-Peer Networks


Murat Karakaya

Ph.D Student
Computer Engineering
Bilkent University

Peer-to-peer networks have attracted a significant amount of interest as a popular and successful alternative to traditional client-server networks for resource sharing and content distribution. However, the existence of high degrees of free riding may be an important threat against P2P networks. In this paper, We propose a distributed and measurement-based method to reduce the degree of free riding in P2P networks. We primarily focus on developing schemes to locate free riders and on determining policies that can be used to take actions against them. Our proposed schemes require each peer to monitor its neighboring peers, make decisions if they exhibit any kind of free riding, and take appropriate actions if required. We specify three types of free riding and their symptoms observable from the activities of the neighboring peers. We employ simple formulas to determine if a peer exhibits any kind of free riding. The counter actions to be applied to the free riders are defined. We combine the mechanisms proposed to detect free riders and to take appropriate actions in an Event-Condition-Action rule and a state diagram.


DATE: November 8, 2004, Monday @ 16:40