Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering


Performance Study of Multimedia Streaming Protocols in Wireless Ad Hoc Network of Pocket PCs


Ahmet Kara

MSc. Student
Computer Engineering
Bilkent University

Advances in technology of computing power and wireless communications allowed us to form wireless networks of mobile devices called Ad Hoc networks. Many features in wired networks can be implemented in these new networks by taking care on some characteristics of Ad Hoc networks like infrastructure-less routing, battery limitations, high mobility etc. Multimedia streaming is one of the most common features in internet which has some requirements like fixed bandwidth and link stability. But these requirements are main problems of Ad Hoc networks. People made several research on this topic and find some solutions to improve multimedia streaming performance on Ad Hoc networks. Most common ones are quality of service and link stability based ad-hoc routing protocols, source replication systems, and multi-stream coding with multi-path routing. We will try to measure performance of common multimedia streaming protocols in a real ad-hoc network of Pocket PCs. For our measurements we will implement an ad-hoc network middleware that will act as a virtual server to video players and work as a multi-hop packet forwarder between clients and real streaming servers. With some routing protocol implementations we will try to understand if IEEE 802.11 in ad-hoc mode with Pocket PCs is suitable for multimedia streaming.


DATE: November 29, 2004, Monday @ 16:40