Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering


Wireless ATA: A New Data Transport Protocol for Wireless Storage


Serdar Özler

MSc. Student
Computer Engineering
Bilkent University

There exist several data transport protocols for storage devices currently on the market. AT Attachment (ATA) is one of the most commonly known storage technologies in the world. However, ATA, SCSI, and newly developed Serial ATA are designed primarily for inside-the-box storage. Actually, there is still ongoing research on making SCSI work on top of a network, but they also do not focus on wireless networks. Wireless networks are not as stable and fast as wired counterparts. Their performance depends on a number of factors including the signal quality, distance, placement, and orientation of wireless devices. Similarly, these factors sometimes cause disconnections making the network unstable. Based on these problems, we designed a new data transport protocol, called WATA, that makes use of wireless storage devices. Its architecture is similar to ATA, but the main difference is that the whole architecture of WATA focuses on wireless connections such as Bluetooth.


DATE: October 25, 2004, Monday @ 16:40