Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering


  Privacy Preserving Data Sharing


Fatih Emekci
Department of Computer Science
University of California, Santa Barbara

Recent trends in economy force enterprises to collaborate with each other to analyze the market in a better way and make decisions based on that. Therefore, data integration from multiple autonomous data sources and processing queries over them have emerged as an important practical problem. The Key requirement is that owners of such data need to corporate in a competitive landscape in most of the cases. The research challenge in developing a query processing solution is that the answers to the queries need to be provided while preserving the privacy of the data sources. In general allowing unrestricted read access to the whole data may give rise to potential vulnerabilities as well as may have legal implications. Therefore, there is a need for privacy preserving query processing methods for querying data residing at different parties. However, current systems do not consider privacy preservation for database operations. To satisfy these requirements we propose a distributed middleware, ABACUS, to perform intersection, join and aggregation queries over multiple private data warehouses in a privacy preserving manner (i.e., only the query answer is revealed but nothing else). In addition, we propose a scalable method to build a decision tree over multiple private data warehouses in a privacy preserving manner. In this seminar, first I will talk about the challenges in privacy preserving data sharing and mining and then introduce our tool ABACUS.


DATE: December 12, 2005, Monday@ 13:40