Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering


Mobile Route Planning - Uncertainty, Events and Information Overflow


Dr.-Ing. Markus Schaal

Technical University of Berlin

With modern technology, useful information should be available at any time and anywhere. However, human users face the problem of information overflow, i.e. the arrival of uncoordinated and unnecessary chunks of information, that need to be filtered and combined. This problem is adressed here for the domain of mobile route guidance. Rather than developing an information logistics system for managing chunks of information for the traveller, we propose a reasoning mechanism for route planning under uncertainty with special focus on events (like train delays and congestions) and goal-oriented notifications. Probabilistic Models (Markov Chains and Baysian Networks) are applied for studying a start-destination-problem in depth. The following aspects are covered: - intermodality, i.e. individual chains of transportation - uncertainty - events, e.g. congestions - ubiquity, i.e. reachability of the travaller anytime and anywhere This approach is targeting the combination and filtering of useful information for the traveller by assigning a dynamic value to each possible route alternative. In the outlook, a broader view on the usefulness of information systems for the society will be taken. Within that wider scope, current research and future research directions will be presented.


DATE: March 28, 2005, Monday @ 13:40