Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering


Surgical Simulations Using Finite Element Method on GPU


Ozcan Oksuz
Ph.D Student
Computer Engineering Department
Bilkent University

Surgical simulations have several advantages compared with traditional medical education approaches where surgeons build their skills from practice on animals, cadavers and patient such as practicing without endangering patients' life and practicing rare cases. In this thesis we plan to propose a framework for surgical simulations using Finite Element Method and computational power of current graphical processing units. Surgical simulations require that virtual environments are interactive and reactive, allowing the user to modify and interact with objects in the virtual scene using virtual tools. Moreover, the objects in the scene should exhibit physically correct behaviors corresponding to the behaviors of real human organs and tissues. Unfortunately, human tissue is very complex and often behaves viscoelastically. In addition, human body parts consist of layers of different tissues interlaced with ligaments and fascias. Very complex models are needed to model these objects realistically.In this work we plan to develop algorithms for providing interactive and reactive virtual environment without sacrificing the correctness of the simulation such as deformation and cut of soft tissues.


DATE: November 23, 2006, Thursday@ 13:30