TurkoSCORE: Developing a Data Mining system for Determining the Risk Factors in patients undergoing Cardiovascular Operations


Aysen Tunca
MSc. Student
Computer Engineering Department
Bilkent University

It is very important to inform the patient and his/her relatives about the risk of mortality before a cardio vascular operation. For this respect, a model called EuroSCORE (The European System for Cardiac Operative Risk Evaluation) has been developed by European cardio vascular surgeons. This system gives the risk of mortality during or 30 days after the operation, based on the values of some parameters measured before the operation. The model used by EuroSCORE has been developed by statistical data gathered from large number of operations performed in Europe. No research has been performed for operations on Turkish cardio vascular patients. When the genetic characteristics and life styles of Turkish patients taken into consideration, it is highly probable that the mortality risks of Turkish patients will be different than European patients. In this research project, a data base system for storing data about cardio vascular operations performed in Turkish hospitals, and a data mining system on this database to learn a risk model, similar to EuroSCORE, will be developed. At least four risks are considered as of primary concern for the patient and the surgeon in cardio vascular operations. These are mortality, morbidity, use of national resources and the patient satisfaction. Considering the recent developments in surgical techniques, although the risk of mortality has been reduced in a large extent, the risk of morbidity is still higher than the risk of mortality. To the best of our knowledge, the models available in the literature are limited and designed for specific purposes. In the context of this project, a model that can be used for morbidity will also be developed. The same data base to be developed for mortality risk will be used for learning a model of morbidity risk.


DATE: 7 May, 2007, Monday@ 15:40