Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering


3D Mesh Animation System Targeted for Multi-Touch Environments


Duygu Ceylan
MSc. Student
Computer Engineering Department
Bilkent University

Fast developments in computer technology have given rise to different application areas such as multimedia, computer games, and Virtual Reality. All these application areas are based on animation of 3D models of real world objects. For this purpose, many tools have been developed to enable computer modeling and animation. Yet, most of these tools require a certain amount of experience about geometric modeling and animation principles, which creates a handicap for inexperienced users. This thesis introduces a solution to this problem by presenting a mesh animation system targeted specially for novice users. The main approach is based on one of the fundamental model representation concepts, Laplacian framework, which is successfully used in model editing applications. The solution presented perceives a model as a combination of smaller salient parts and uses the Laplacian framework to allow these parts to be manipulated simultaneously to produce a sense of movement. The interaction techniques developed enable users to carry manipulation and global transformation actions at the same time to create more pleasing results. Furthermore, the approach utilizes the multi-touch screen technology and direct manipulation principles to increase the usability of the system. The methods described are experimented by creating simple animations with several 3D models; which demonstrate the advantages of the proposed solution.


DATE: 18 August, 2009, Tuesday @ 10:00