Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering


A Fuzzy Logic Based Approach For Enhancing Depth Perception in Computer Graphics


Zeynep Çipiloğlu
Computer Engineering Department
Bilkent University

Rapid progress in 3D rendering and display technologies brings the problem of better visualization of 3D content. Providing correct depth information and enabling the user to perceive the spatial relationship between the objects is one of the main concerns during the visualization of 3D content. In this thesis, we introduce a solution that can either be used for automatically enhancing the depth perception of a given scene, or as a component that suggests suitable rendering methods to application developers. In this novel solution, we propose a framework that decides on the suitable depth cues for a given 3D scene and the rendering methods which provide these cues. First, the system calculates the importance of each depth cue using a fuzzy logic based algorithm which considers the user's tasks in the application and the spatial layout of the scene. Then, a knapsack model is constructed to keep the balance between the rendering costs of the graphical methods that provide these cues and their contribution to depth perception. This cost-pro t analysis step selects the proper rendering methods for the given scene. In this work, we also present several objective and subjective experiments which show that our automated depth perception enhancement system is statistically (p < 0.05 ) better than the other method selection techniques that are tested.


DATE: 17 May, 2010, Monday @ 10:00