Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering


Creating 3D Objects with Rough Surfaces Using 2D Sketches


Emre Akatürk
MSc. Student
Computer Engineering Department
Bilkent University

Using sketches for 3d modeling is a popular research area, which is expected since using 2d sketches feels natural to most of the artists. Many techniques were proposed to enable an intuitive and competent tool for 3d object creation. In the light of the previous research in this area, we designed a system that enables creation of 3d objects with details. Our system aims to enable users to easily create simple soft objects using strokes and modify its surface to make it rough using sketches that provide shading information. We provide the user with the ability to create 3d soft, simple objects just by drawing its silhouette. We take this stroke input and create a simple 3d object. Then we allow the user to shade the parts of the 2d silhouette drawn before. We take the shading information and use shape from shading to create a height map and apply the height map on the surface of the soft object to construct a rough surface for the previously created mesh. We saw that, with our system users are able to create and modify 3d meshes easily and intuitively.


DATE: 27 July, 2011, Wednesday @ 10:00