Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering


GridRoute: A Routing Protocol for Delay Tolerant Mobile Networks on Multi-Layered Grid


Emin Yiğit Köksal
MSc Student Student
Computer Engineering Department
Bilkent University

This presentation focuses on routing problem in delay-tolerant networks(DTNs). An approach, namely GridRoute will be suggested in order to overcome that problem in an efficient way. GridRoute is a probabilistic routing protocol that takes advantage of mobility and location information of nodes. It uses a multi-layered grid for contact probability maximization. The main contribution of GridRoute is definition of a DTN routing protocol that does not require almost any memory storage of contact or location probabilities for intelligent routing decisions. GridRoute also minimizes number of redundant messages throughout the network with feasible delay on message delivery and provides some security advantages like identity secrecy. Simulation results will also be discussed in the presentation which show that, GridRoute outperforms existing routing protocols in terms of memory requirement. It achieves high delivery ratio, reasonable end-to-end delay and significantly lower message overhead. Finally possible future work will be addressed in order to improve the efficiency of the GridRoute.

Keywords: routing; delay tolerant; delay tolerant mobile network; intermittently connected


DATE: 21 November, 2011, Monday @ 16:15