Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering


Computational Genomics and Analysis of High Throughput Sequence Data


Asst. Prof. Dr. Can Alkan
Computer Engineering Department
Bilkent University

The next-generation high throughput DNA sequencing technologies revolutionize all fields of biology, from population genomics to evolutionary studies, finding disease-causing variation, and even personalized medicine. Although sequencing is getting cheaper and faster, the computational methods to analyze this new type of data are still at their infancy. Moreover the properties and error models of this data constantly change, and even newer sequencing technologies with entirely different strengths and biases are introduced every few months.

In this talk I will give a basic introduction to genomics, and the computational problems we currently face in the analysis of genomic sequence data. Next, I will briefly describe genomic structural variation and algorithms we developed in the last few years to discover and characterize these important forms of genomic alterations. Finally, I will list some of the open problems and national and international collaboration projects that future graduate students might be interested in.


DATE: 17 May, 2012, Thursday @ 15:30