Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering


Perceived Quality Estimation in Object-Space for Animated 3D Models


Işıl Doğa Yakut
MSc Student
Computer Engineering Department
Bilkent University

Computational models and methods that handle 3D graphics objects continue to emerge with the wide-range use of 3D models and rapid development of computer graphics technology. Many 3D model modification methods exist to improve computation and transfer time of 3D models in real-time computer graphics applications. Providing the user with the least visually-deformed model becomes essential for these 3D modification tasks. In this thesis, we propose a method to estimate the visually perceived differences on animated 3D models. Our proposed method, make use of computational models for Human Visual System to mimic visual perception. It can also be used to generate a 3D visual sensitivity map for a model to act as a guide during the application of modifications. Our approach gives a perceived quality measure using 3D geometric representation by in-cooperating two factors of Human Visual System (HVS) that contribute to perception of differences. First, spatial processing of human vision model enable us to predict deformations on the surface and later temporal effects of animation velocity are predicted. For both steps of the method psycho-physical experiment data is used. Subjective experiment is used to verify the validity of our proposed method.


DATE: 18 June, 2012, Monday @ 10:40