Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering


Information Interaction


Dr. Eser Kandogan
IBM Research - Almaden

Information Interaction is an emerging area of study that investigates how people perceive, use, and interact with information, building on several fields such as human-computer interaction, visual analytics, information visualization, and computer-supported cooperative work. In this talk I am going to give an overview of my work in this field starting from ethnographic field studies of how people work in data centers, interacting with large-scale complex information technologies, to new approaches in visual analysis of complex multi-dimensional data, leveraging compute power for purposes of performing opportunistic statistical discovery to guide user's information explorations.

Bio: Eser Kandogan is a research staff member at IBM Research - Almaden. His research interests are visual analytics, information visualization, human-computer interaction, and computer-supported cooperative work. He holds a Ph.D. degree from University of Maryland in Computer Science. He is a graduate of Bilkent University, Computer Science and Engineering, class of 93. He is the author of Taming Information Technology by Oxford University Press. He co-founded ACM CHIMIT conference on computer human interaction in management of information technology. He has written over 50 papers and holds 14 patents.


DATE: 03 April, 2013, Wednesday @ 11.00