Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering


OpenID with Certificate-Based User Authentication on Smartcard


Bahar Berna Kişin
MSc Student
Computer Engineering Department
Bilkent University

From the point of its users, federated identity systems provide great convenience to log in to varied web sites without bothering of registration in advance. Looking from a vantage point, federated identity management gives the opportunity to users of one IT system to access data and sources of another IT system seamlessly and securely without handling a complete user administration. Single signon mechanisms manage user authentication process of these systems prompting log in once and assure access control across those multiple independent systems.

OpenID is a widely used federated identity/single sign-on scheme generally implemented with username-password authentication. In this work, we augment the user authentication phase of OpenID with certi cate-based authentication using smartcard technology. Our solution provides a secure method to authenticate the user with user's digital certi cate written on the smartcard.

Keywords: OpenID, digital certificate, federated identity, single sign-on, certificate-based user authentication, smartcard, smartcard-based OpenID.


DATE: 24 April, 2013, Wednesday @ 09:00