Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering


Model Driven Development of Unit Tests in Software Product Lines


Onur Özdemir
MSc Student
Computer Engineering Department
Bilkent University

Software product line (SPL) has been proven to be a building block of software development paradigms for large-scale software development organizations not only because it provides cost-effective and reliable software products through reuse but also it provides an opportunity of mass customization. The main idea of SPL is to guarantee the reuse is achieved through forward-looking, systematic and not ad-hoc way, in contrast with single-system engineering in which generally the software is first constructed and then reuse is taken into account. The importance of software testing is a well-known concept for single-system development for decades. Likewise, it becomes a crucial term when SPL is taken into consideration. One of the fundamental testing techniques is unit testing in which software unit functionalities are tested. Currently, we are working on a method to develop unit tests considering complete reuse opportunity by applying model driven engineering techniques in SPL testing process. In addition, we plan to add a tool support to our method. In this talk, the details related to model driven engineering, SPL, and our method will be given.


DATE: 20 April, 2015, Monday @ 15:40