Bilkent University
Department of Computer Engineering


Efficient Video Service and Data Caching in 5G Mobile Edge Clouds


Afra Dömeke
MS Student
Computer Engineering Department
Bilkent University

Recently, increased demand for video from mobile users has imposed huge pressure on cellular networks. To keep up with this demand,edge networks and mobile edge computing (MEC) have been proposed in 5G networks to reduce latency and amount of data transfer through caching and bringing the computation tasks to edge servers. Various mobile edge caching schemes have emerged to meet the latency requirements of mobile social applications by mainly focusing on popularity based caching. However, demand for video is also related with the social contacts and connections of mobile users with each other. In our research, we are investigating caching architectures and caching techniques that consider not only content popularity but also community relationships and location of users. We also consider various constraints related to edge servers such as storage, computation and transmission capacity, while placing video items into caches. Our goal to increase user quality experience with least overhead on network while meeting mobile edge server constraints.


DATE: 02 December 2019, Monday @ 15:40